Diploma Framing

Unique and Artistic Options for Framing Your Diploma

dips-imageSince 1992, Benjamin Knox has developed the most creative and artistic ways for framing diplomas and certificates. The Benjamin Knox Gallery framing team specializes in handcrafting each frame on-site with rigorous demands for quality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. We specialize in framing Benjamin’s artwork with your diploma, which adds another dimension of spirit and pride to your diploma. We take special care in our selection of mat colors and frames to represent official school colors that will also make the finished product something you will treasure for a lifetime!

To see the diploma frames that we have for your university, click here.

Allowing us to professionally install your diploma ensures that the diploma is perfectly centered and the embossed seal on the diploma is not wavy. That is a guarantee that you won’t get from other websites’ or bookstores’ diploma frames. Turnaround time on framing diplomas is generally two weeks after we receive the diploma.

Pre-orders for Graduation Weekend

If you are a graduating senior from Texas A&M, you can place a pre-order for diploma framing by ordering 3 weeks before your graduation ceremony. This allows us to get your custom chosen materials ready for your graduation date. Simply drop off your diploma after the commencement ceremony and we can get it back to you on the same day in most cases (depending on ceremony time). Also, Benjamin is usually available on graduation weekends so that he can put a personalized message on a print to be framed with your diploma.

Mailing Your Diploma

If you are mailing a diploma to us please make sure that it is packaged and secured in a tube that is sturdy enough to be shipped. Enclose a paper with the order number and your contact information, and please send it to the following address (certified or insured mail is recommended):

Diploma Framing
Benjamin Knox Gallery
405 University Dr. East
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 696-5669